Now, You can put the Message in your water...

Infuse your water with a powerful message
Masaru Emotos ground-breaking work Messages from Water proves the power of words and intention to create shifts in energy that manifest physically.
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Masaru Emoto discovers that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words, feelings and environment, and can be seen in the crystal formations as shown in "Messages from Water". We have the DVD's and books on this incredible subject - also here is a wonderful link to a gallery that will show more about this, just click here, Global Dialogue Center - Emoto Exhibit and use their arrows.

On the physical level, we offer over 30,000 unique beautiful items from all over the world,  on a spiritual level... (from "Our Vision") 
  A place where the energy is of such a high vibration, it is glowing, clear, sparkling iridescent light... people feel so good as soon as they walk in, they feel this loving, soothing, cleansing, healing energy of the universe. They feel peaceful and relaxed, all of the tension melts away. (This is something that many people experience now at Soothe Your Soul, we are happy to report).

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