Our Vision

Soothe Your Soul Centers of Healing and Light

This plan requires spiritual community.

It cannot be accomplished by any one person.

It cannot be accomplished as a traditional business,
with traditional financing and employees.

Instead it must be financed with love, truth, trust, compassion
and the deep desire to contribute to human healing and transformation.

It requires many people joining together,
each with a deep passion, committed to
working together in spiritual community to create this vision.
No unhealthly ego desires.
No personal agendas.

Instead recognizing the value of working in complete harmony, realization of importance of people making a contibution for change

It requires discipline and people finding the time to make a
committment, even if they don't have time,
because it is important.

This is a paradigm shifting project in many ways.

It is about people truly caring and helping others to
empower themselves for healing in every way,
and for a life full of joy, peace, love, truth and beauty.

Is this your destiny?

The Soothe Your Soul Purpose and Vision:

To create and provide spiritual healing community centers:

Imagine these centers now as you read the following description.... they are destined, part
of the divine plan of the universe , already existing etherically ... it is just a matter of
time for their manifestation... you will most likely be benefiting as a customer, an
employee-owner, teacher or volunteer.

Imagine this all-encompassing spiritual healing community center:

* Soothe Your Soul is A place
where the energy is of such a high vibration, it is glowing, clear, sparkling
iridescent light...
people feel so good as soon as they walk in, they feel this loving, soothing,
cleansing, healing energy of the universe. They feel peaceful and
relaxed, all of the tension melts away. (This is something that many
people experience now at Soothe Your Soul, we are happy to report).

* Soothe Your Soul is A place in which:
all the people working there are working in complete harmony and alignment
with each other and with those they are serving for the highest good of
all ... because each person working there is in alignment with their
Higher Self (or Inner Self or Soul) and with the Universe.

* Soothe Your Soul is A place in which
People can learn to love themselves, feel safe, and truly acheive their full

* Soothe Your Soul is A place where:
we can develop and utilize our fullest potential for vibrational healing in one of the truest senses: we can radiate thoughts, feelings and vibrations of
love, truth, appreciation, beauty, peace, in this place, and absorb these
vibrations for healing. Think of how much a stressful environment like
a traffic jam or pressured work environment or even watching the news
affects you. And now think of how an environment where everyone is
vibrating loving, soothing thoughts, and even more powerful, the intention
for healing. This environment gives those who are working there an
exceptional opportunity to be a perfect channel of healing and light, and
opportunity to learn how to use intention and energy on the highest level, that
is, integrated into our daily lives.

* Soothe Your Soul is A place where
there is intention and energy for people to connect with and become their
Higher Selves.

* Soothe Your Soul is A place where:
every item that is sold and every service that is offered is intended for healing,
specifically, for removing all the separations from oneself , and all items are
consciously infused with the healing energies and consciousness of the

* Soothe Your Soul is A place where:
there is intention and energy for healing, an intention and energy that is of
such a high vibration that it empowers people to acheive true healing: to heal
themselves by enabling them to tune into their Higher Self (or the Universe or
God) to understand the root causes of their dis-ease.

* Soothe Your Soul is A place of
teaching and learning, where people can learn and grow

* Soothe Your Soul is A place of
love and joy, where these vibrations are consciously infused

* Soothe Your Soul is A place of
reclaiming truth, mainly the truth of ourselves, as powerful creative beings
of the universe, able to anchor and live the highest vibrations of light.

A place of ...
spiritual community. Where people feel safe enough to release the negative
aspect of ego, (needing to be right, needing to be validated, and compromising oneself to receive that validation and love), instead embracing a healthly ego
of knowing their true magnificence and creative abilities

Soothe Your Soul ... is this place .... in its seedling stage... we are ready to sprout, growing to full maturity ... to physically move to a larger space, to expand and increase theservices and products offered. We will move several more times until we reach the final center of approximately 250,000 sq. feet.

Then it will be time to open 200 centers all over the world. These centers will help to change the consciousness of the planet.

We need your help!!!

Soothe Your Soul is the seedling of the centers. It will grow when the community is ready to receive it and contribute to it

Please see the list open positions (both employed and volunteer)

These centers will include:

A full service spiritual, metaphysical, and alternative health University for both
professional and lay people:
30 classrooms, including some equiped for specialized classes such
vegetarian cooking and organic gardenening.

Classes will include but not limited to:
Herbal Studies
Organic Gardening
Cooking: Vegan, Macrobiotic, and Conscious Preparation of Food
Energetic Healing (many types)
Flower Essences
Crystals, Crystal Healing, Gem Essences
Chi Gong
T'ai Chi
Natural Soap Making, Cosmetic Making and Skin Care
Past Life Regression
Sacred Geometry

Higher Self rooms
Specially energized rooms for meditation and connection with one's Higher
Self. These rooms will include a comfortable where a person
could meditate, use crystals, oils, essences, etc.

A full service holistic spa
Other types of body work
Detoxing body treatments (salt scrubs, herbal mud packs)
Hydrotherapy treatments
Castor Oil packs

Energy Healers

* Full Service Gourmet Healing Cuisine Restaurant and Take out
Special Menus based on:
Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine
Blood Type
Fresh Juice Bar

* Herbal Elixer and Tonic Bar

* Full Service Store
Eco Products
Organic Cotton Clothing
Organic Cotton Bedding
Links to Alternative Energy items:
Home Energy Generators

Who started Soothe Your Soul ? ...

Hi, my name is Rena Joy. In 1995, I was given a plan from the universe to create Soothe Your Soul. Many people ask me if this had been something I had wanted to do all my life or had been planning for many years. In some ways I guess I could say yes, because in the back of my mind I always wanted to do something to help people, and during the time just prior to starting Soothe Your Soul, I was a full time channel, energetic healer and teacher of spiritual classes.

But, at the time that the Universe gave me the plan, I had no conscious intention of opening any facility, much less a store or healing center for a number of reasons. I was busy doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing, specifically private channelling and counseling sessions as well as classes to help people to deeply connect with their Higher Self. I was in the process of writing a book, specifically explaining how healing occurred through gaining consciousness of the underlying emotional and spiritual separations from the true self and how connecting with your Higher Self would bring about such consciousness, information and energy to effect true healing on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and in the soul. More importantly, I thought, I had promised myself I would never have a business again (having previously owned several) due to the tremendous amount of work and responsibility involved.

The Universe was very convincing: "We need a place where people can come and truly open to the truth of themselves as beautiful, magnificient, beings of God"
I heard the message.

The Universe was extremely specific in its plan. I was surprised by the forceful, specific instructions and clear visions that came to me. Start with a store, sell aromatherapy, crystals, flower essences, books, beautiful spiritual objects, etc. Meditate every day, and send in healing light and vibrations of love and consciousness. People will come thinking it is a store, but they will receive the energy and the transformations will begin. Do classes to inform people and empower them to be active in their spiritual growth.

The miracles started unfolding.

More to come ...

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