Ocean Jasper

(May also be classified as Orbicular Jasper or Rhyolite)

It is a type of chalcedony, and so has all the general properties of chalcedony.

(Please see section on chrysoprase which describes properties of chalcedony)

Specific Use Description Best Ways/Use
Water like energy

Emotional self, Flowing with Life

Ocean jasper is dug from under the shoreline in Madagascar. It's markings generally resemble ocean waves or water bubbles and it has a water-like energy, representing the emotional self and flowing with life.

In addition, many shapes including hearts, faces, and other images can be found in it's markings, bringing joy.



On the Body


Supreme Nurturer

Lessens Selfishness

General properties of Jasper:

Jasper is described as "supreme nurturer". Ocean Jasper, then, is the supreme emotional nuturer. This nurturing energy helps one be less selfish, helping to bring joy, spiritual and emotional growth to others.

Spiritual Protection

Cleanses Aura

Provides intense protection, especially spiritual protection using a the grounding and stabilizing energies of the earth.

Stabilizes and cleanses the aura.

Different colors have varied effects - yellow, red, green, blue

Yellow colors protects in travel (including astral travel) and fortifies the immune system.

Red is health, circulation, energy flow, and re-birth, including freshness of ideas and strategies.

Green has a detoxifying and anti-inflamatory effect.

Blue connects one with the after world.

Balancing body's minerals

Heals digestive and reproductive organs

It helps with balancing minerals of the body.

Treats deterioration of the internal organs and disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach, all digestive organs, intestines, reproductive organs